Thursday, January 12, 2012

My Girls

Three and a half years ago we scooped our girls out of school, and became a home school family.  It was a radical change, but one I can easily say was the best thing we ever did for them, and our family.  Madeline was a struggling reader, falling farther and farther behind.  Marney was plugging along just fine.  We decided to try it for one year, and before we knew it, three and a half years had past.  We went into things with an open mind, and a year-at-time attitude.  As long as it was still working for everyone, we would continue.

After the dust settled on our move, I came to realize it just wasn't working anymore.  I don't know if it's because we are dealing with homesickness, been under too much stress for too long, or the culture shock and isolation of being new in town, but there it was.

I hoped things would be better after Christmas break.  It wasn't the kids, it wasn't anything anyone did, my heart is just not in it anymore.   I feel like I'm giving up, I'm disappointed in myself in so many ways.  I wish I could make it work.  I wish we could be one of "those" homeschool families who do.   I'm guilty of comparing my family's bad days to others glory days that are portrayed on so many home school blogs.  Maybe that set us up to fail, my expectations were too high.  In reality, we are just a wonderful "our kind" of family.  Imperfect in so many ways.  Doing what is best for us.

The decision was made, and they will start at the local public schools this month.  The girls took the news with maturity and grace, much better than I expected.  They are excited!  This was another one of those parenting decisions that is harder on us than it is on them.  I didn't expect to be the only one crying and agonizing over this for days.  It kind of reminded me of the days of taking away pacifiers, potty training, or making them sleep in their own beds.  Deciding to finally bite the bullet is so hard on Mommy, and the process can be tough on everyone.  But when all is said and done, little someone comes away proud of her accomplishment, more confident, and on her way to becoming a big girl.

The boys will continue to spend their days with me, they need a little more time to marinate in home.

Best buddies.

Learning together always.

Our first day of Home School 2008

We had many great moments, memories locked in my mind forever.

I'll miss moments like these...

But something tells me with Marney around, we'll still have plenty of moments like this...

(fake finger nails on your toe nails type moments)

They are growing, changing.

These butterflies are ready to spread their wings, and fly.


  1. Your pictures are beautiful! How grown up your girls are looking.

    I think the important thing on making the decision for homeschool or traditional school is to be running toward something not away from something. Choosing what is right for your family at the time.

    The thing about homeschool blogs is that they are (mine included) like one big long Christmas letter. No one sends a letter telling you that their kids attitude is bad or that they feel like they spend to much time screaming at their children! We tend to stick to the good stuff. The other stuff is there- *trust me*. ;)

    God bless you on your new adventure of having the girls off at school and the boys at home. It will be wonderful.

  2. Homeschooling is tough. No way around it. There are those days that are good, bad, and down right ugly. I agree with what Laurie has written. Mine talk about high school and wanting to go to a "regular" high school. I promised them that we will consider it. God bless you and especially the girls on this new journey!

  3. Thanks you guys. This is a good thing, they are ready. It is definitely a new opportunity they are looking forward to. I don't know why I'm such a wreck. I didn't cry at all when they went to kindergarten, now I can't stop!

  4. I don't know what happened to my comment, so I will comment again :) You are a great mom Jill, and you know what is best for your kids. They will still have tons of learning experiences at home with a creative and smart momma like yourself.

  5. Jill- your girls are going to do great. do not think of this as a failure or a disappointment. there is a season in life for everything and sometimes change is necessary (even when it is painful). you have such a strong family unit, these girls are going to thrive wherever they are at! and closing the door for this season in life doesn't mean it has to stay closed forever, it also gives God a chance to open a window and shed some light in new ways. i admire you and your family for so many reasons. nothing God allows us to go through is for loss. those years at home with you will forever be etched in their minds and hearts and their very being. you are showing them that there are many ways you can "do" life...and that with each new journey, you make the best of it. bless you sweet friend!

    1. Thanks for your sweet words, Amanda!