Sunday, January 22, 2012

Just Keep Swimming....

....just keep swimming...

Our new family motto for so many reasons.  We are back to school routine, and it feels good.  I wouldn't say any of us are totally energized and ready to tackle something huge, but we are plugging along.

Marney had a swim meet this past weekend.  She had fun and swam really well.  We wanted to share some video with Grandmas and Grandpas who were not able to watch her in person.

Double checking her schedule.

Keep up the hard work Marney, it's paying off!


  1. Way to go! Look at those arms go. I am not grandma or grandpa, but as a former swimmer, I can appreciate the work that went in to that. The backstroke was one I never did very well in- I am very impressed.

  2. Wow, she did awesome! She smoked the competition, way to go Marney!!