Monday, March 4, 2013

Update and House Tour-365 Project

Had to start with the best feature of the house, the view.  This is looking out the kitchen door on the East side of the house.   

Let's call these the before pictures.
Kitchen.  Not sure what to think about the cabinets.  Some days I don't mind them, other days I want to get the sledge hammer out while Jim is at work.  Oops!  Well, now we need a new kitchen, darn.  I really want to rip out the top cabinets and the soffit, love the look of kitchens with no upper cabinets.  Not sure how practical it is though for someone who actually uses their kitchen to do this.   My Kitchen board on Pinterest has lots of fun ideas.

To the left of the kitchen is the dining room, it looks out to the East as well.

The center of the main level is the hearth room.  My favorite room in the house.  The wood burning stove has been a big obsession hit.  It turns out that I am the expert fire-starter in the family.  Not sure what that says about me ;) 

(The cat is loving the stove as well) 

To the left of the previous picture is a door wall out to the screened in porch (very right hand side of this pic)  and then the stairs going up and down.  The girls bathroom and laundry room is off to the left here.

The bathroom/laundry room combo, which the girls use.  Needs help!  

Continuing around to the left is the mudroom?/entrance from the other mudroom that connects the garage to the house.  This room stumped me at first, but I think it's going to work well.  The closets are huge and offer a great deal of storage.  Also, you can see more ugly lighting, this time in the form of a ceiling fan! 

The hubs, and two of our special visitors that were here last week.  My Dad and two of our Nephews were able to come for a visit.  They were great helpers!  Dad straightened several of the closet doors that needed some TLC and also installed the safety gate around the stove.  

Continuing on our panoramic tour is the front door, which gets us back to the kitchen.

Dad and Ben playing peek-a-boo.  

Jacob cleaning out the stove.  He was very interested in the stove!

Kitchen window.  Owen made me the heart in art class:)

Other kitchen window, where my new antique bowl, a gift from Jim, sits.

New window treatment.  Most of the windows don't need much, as we don't have any close neighbors. We took down lots of old, heavy, dusty curtains.  I'm loving all things minimalist these days.

Ending with the view.  Sunrise one chilly morning.