Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Waiting, Is the Hardest Part

Waiting for the phone to ring?   D**n, I hate it.   

In fact, we couldn't take it one more day.  

Patience and I have never been friends.  So, when Jim gets antsy?  It's time to do something.

What's the best cure for waiting?  Why a road trip, of course!

So, we packed the baby in the cooler.  To keep him fresh.

And made our way to the cutest little cabin in the state of Michigan.

Marney was bummed that she forgot her "Laura" dress.  Can't say the rest of us shared her disappointment.

36 hours of family togetherness, bike riding, swimming, and campfires.  It wasn't the longest trip in the record books, but we packed in memories that will last a lifetime.  

And, saved Daddy's sanity to boot. 

Please say some prayers for our little family, we are hoping to hear some very good news (on the job front), very soon.

Have a safe, and wonderful holiday weekend.