Sunday, April 26, 2009

From the Lapaz Home learning blog:

"You know, sometimes I just get tired of it. There was another letter in my inbox today from someone wondering if homeschooling properly prepares children for “the real world.”

Excuse me? Just exactly what world are they living in right now?

As far as I’m concerned my children entered the real world at conception. And they haven’t left it once so far as I can tell. (The closest Superboy ever came to leaving the real world is the few years he spent sitting in a classroom at public school. Talk about artificial! ) Sure, my kids may have spent their years a bit differently than most of their peers, but does that make it any less “real”? I think not. As far as I can see there is only one “real world,” we are all in it, and none of it is fake.

This life, this world, are as real as it gets.

And what exactly are we “preparing” for?

Work? A job? Getting a mortgage? Paying taxes?Is that what is “real” to you? Is that what you are worried about?

What about falling in love, spending time with friends, marriage, making discoveries, enjoying a good meal, helping others, doing laundry, raising children,building a community, prayer, growing a garden, making a difference, growing old, death? Are those things less “real” to you? Because they seem pretty real to me.

And what about childhood? Is it not “real,” either? Do we really want to dismiss the first 18 years of our children’s lives as mere preparation for some mythical “real world” to come?

Or do they get to live life right here, right now?

I have news for you. This is the real world. We are not “preparing.”

We are already there."

Just had to post this inspirational message from a fellow homeschool blogger.