Monday, September 29, 2008

"Bubblegum wrapper" bracelets!

The girls spent part of the day on Sunday working on these super cute bubblegum wrapper bracelets. I remember making long chains with real bubble gum wrappers, now they are making bracelets and earrings with origami paper. They turned out so cute! Thanks Grandma for the great idea!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

part four...

In the midst of all this, Owen wasn't feeling very well. Turns out he has pneumonia! Here he is getting a breathing treatment and some computer time. He has been in rare form from those oral steriods and the albuterol! When you normally think of sick kids you picture them lying on the couch in front of the TV all day, sleeping occasionally. Not this guy, he has been climbing the walls! Talking non-stop, harassing his sisters, constantly in motion, energy to spare! Can I get some of that?
Thankfully he is getting better.

part three...

A field trip to the cider mill with Jen and the kids!

part two...

Soccer Saturday! Madeline has been having a great time playing soccer this year. She was hoping her friend Becky would be on her team, but that didn't happen. They ended up playing against each other this week! They ended in a tie and had lots of fun!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Our week in review part one...

It's the end of a crazy but fun week at our house, here's how it went. I had a project, homework, care plan, and test due this week for school, so I was a little stressed going into the week. I wasn't sure how we were going to fit it all in. There are still only 24 hours in a day unfortunately. Marney has been in the pool 5 days a week getting ready for her swim meets, the first one was on Wednesday night in Tecumseh. She had a great time and did really well. We had so much fun watching her and all the other swimmers, its a very exciting sport to watch.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Just testing...

Sunday, September 14, 2008

On a brighter note...

School is going very well, home school and nursing school are in full swing. Life has been busy around here, but overall things are running smoothly. The girls are liking the adjustments we made to our earlier curriculum choices. We love Simply Spelling! We also really enjoy Writing With Ease. The girls enjoy the literature selections used in the lessons and they are getting very good at narration. They are starting to listen critically and pick out the important information in a passage. Its very exciting to see! Latin is also going very well, I'm amazed at how quickly they are picking it up. Owen has been doing lots of montessori exercises, cutting with scissors, sorting colors (he is finally learning them! I was starting to think he was color blind!), patterns, water color painting, play dough, and listening to lots of stories. He also knows more about Egypt and the river Nile than I thought he would, just from listening to me read to the girls. It's amazing what they pick up when you think they are not listening. Jim did an experiment with the kids on Saturday, they talked about flight, and lift (I think), and made cool gliders out of straws and a pizza box. They used the scientific method to carry out an experiment on how far they would fly based on the size and shape of the wings. What fun!
Marney is enjoying swim club (I'll post some pics soon) she is in the pool 5 nights a week. She has been sleeping much better these days! Madeline is loving soccer and dance, she is on the go 3 evenings a week. Owen is playing soccer on Saturday morning. It's been busy but fun.
BTW, despite my teasing, I am very proud of my husband. He has really stepped up to the plate by taking control of our finances. I don't know very many men who would drive that car! Except maybe Bob (I hear he is jealous). There is nothing he would not do for his family. How lucky are we? He also has been amazing about this whole homeschooling thing. Again, I don't know many men who would jump, no leap, on board with teaching our own children. He has been supportive, encouraging and always willing to help. Did I mention that when I was stressed out about the kitchen not being painted before school started, that he surprised me and painted it while I was at work? How great is that? Wonderful husbands just do not get enough credit these days! Thank you Jim! We love you very much!

Small setback

Financial freedom will have to wait another day or so for the Brown family. Jim got a ticket for driving without a proper license plate (yes, he did get a police escort home this evening). Why he thought no one would notice, I'll never know. He just could not wait one more day to take the car out for a spin. As if the embarrassment of having a husband that thinks this car is cool is not bad enough, having our neighbors watch as a police officer borrows our screw driver to remove the license plate off said car takes the cake. Hold on a minute, Milan Police Department calling.... Oh that sentimental license plate Tom wanted back from his deceased WWII veteran fathers car? Impounded. Life just keeps getting sweeter every day.

Jim's new ride

This is a picture of Jim's "new" car. Step 1 of Jim's Living Within Our Means Plan: eliminating car payments. We paid $300 cash for this beauty. Hopefully this small investment will give us the big return we are hoping for. No car payments while I am in school and until Jim gets a much hoped for promotion. So far we have only had to put in another $150 in repairs. Sadly this car has caused much excitement in our home. Some of us are obviously way too easily impressed. Jim, Marney, Owen, and Grandpa Feldkamp are thrilled with this new addition to our driveway(you can see them all piled in going for a test drive in the picture above). Madeline and I are still undecided (although Madeline has been doing the math and decided that if this means her clothing budget increases from $0 to something, maybe its not so bad). I still think she will be riding on the floorboards through the neighborhood though. On the bright side, Jim finally found a hobby, he hasn't spent this much time in the garage since we met. Had I known it would only cost $450 to get him out of my hair, I would have wrote him a check a long time ago! Never a dull moment around here. Hang on, the cops just pulled in the driveway behind Jim and the gang....(No Joke)

Friday, September 5, 2008

New haircuts!

The girls got their new fall haircuts today!