Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A field trip of dreams

When these kids are not inside learning, they are outside, in costume, playing pioneers.  Yes, we're sure the neighbors whisper.  Anyway, a field trip to a "real" pioneer settlement, feeds their hunger to learn more, and sparks their imaginations even further.  

Carding wool is hard work.

My baby in jail.

My other baby will not just sit there and take this injustice, she's breaking out.  

We felt at home in the one room school house.  Only, I don't dress like this teacher.  Yet.

The two family wigwam was an especially fun place to play.  I'm pretty sure we could have walked away and the kids would not have noticed.  At least not until they got hungry.  

A snack break for these two.  "Hey Owen, pretend we're drinking!"

Inside the cutest log cabin ever.  Grandpa, the only thing Marney wants for Christmas is a little log cabin in our back yard.  She promises she will never ask for anything else, ever again.

So cute, what little girl would not spend all day playing here?

Oh, Grandpa?  We want this garden too.  That's all, we promise.  The cabin, the garden, and the barn.  Did I mention the barn?  So. Cute.

Find your way through the bean tunnel.

This covered wagon "went to town" several times today, got stuck in the mud, hijacked by bandits, and hauled feed.  The Mom's were exhausted by this time, but the kids?  Their imagination, never tires.


  1. These historical learning grounds are a gem, aren't they? Looks like a fun time!

  2. Jen-we did have a nice day and great weather.

    Patty- Hi, and thanks for stopping by our blog! I have visited yours and love it!