Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Ben update!

Folks, I think we have a charmer on our hands!

(Ben 2 years old)

It sounds like he is doing very well.  :)

Apparently he is a favorite at the orphanage with the staff, the other children, and families that come to visit. 

His crawl is hilarious!  He does this bear crawl thing, and he is fast!

Here we thought he would be this calm, sweet, docile baby.  Wrong!

He is all toddler, and he is busy! 

He is trying to stand every chance he gets.  The boy wants to walk.

Wait, just a little longer buddy, can you do that for Mommy?

Also, they say he loves the water.  They have taken him swimming and apparently he is so active they gave him his own little pool!

Is that good or bad?  What does that mean?

Sounds like we have lots of smiles, laughs, and lots of falling into bed exhausted days to look forward to! 


  1. How encouraging and exciting. He looks so sweet (and looks as though he is ready to do a boogie!)

  2. oh...this post made me tear up...the picture alone is heart-melting, and then your reference as his mommy made me long for you to just hold him in your arms because it is already so evident you are holding him tightly in your heart. can't wait for that day!

  3. He is adorable!!! Love the picture! We continue to pray for him and you family!! Can't wait till you bring him home!!

  4. Thanks Amanda and Trish, your support means so much!