Wednesday, August 25, 2010

2010-2011 Learning Plans and a School Room Spruce Up

We are excited to get back to school this year, and have decided never to take the whole summer off again!  

We have all turned into wild, undisciplined beasts.

Hurray for Dr. Robinson to get us back on track.   We loosely follow his advice.  I say loosely because I could never get through the day without at least a little sugar, and we do not spend 6 days a week on school.  My kids are not as, how shall I say this nicely, academically minded, as the Robinson clan.  My kids have ants in their pants, they like to dance, and do other things that do not include sitting at a desk for so many hours in a day.  We will keep our 4 day week.  Thank you very much.  Fridays are for field trips, catching up, and reclaiming our sanity.

I do add in a few more requirements than the Robinson's basic 3R's only formula.  I'm a rebel.  It's a requirement for being a homeschool Mom.

Here's how it all shakes out:

Madeline 6th grade

Saxon Math (Probably done before breakfast)
Simply Charlotte Mason- Math Pet Shop
Writing- IEW
Grammar- Daily Grams
Phonetic Zoo spelling program
Reading- Robinson curriculum reading list (Slightly tweaked) - done for about an hour during quiet reading time after lunch
Handwriting Without Tears
History/Science - Unit Studies and Homeschool Program at the zoo!
Sew Teach Me - A learn to sew curriculum

(All work completed shortly after lunch)

The Girls Desks

Marney 4th Grade

----"Do we have to do school today?"----
Saxon Math
Writing- IEW
Grammar - Daily Grams
---Break for laps around the house, snack, and checking on everyone else's progress----- 
Phonetic Zoo spelling program
Explode the Code
----More laps, more disrupting checking, snack, some whining thrown in for good measure---
Reading - Robinson reading list - done during quiet reading time
Handwriting without tears
----"Can I call Thomas?  Jacob?  Sofia?"----
History/Science - Unit Studies and Homeschool Program at the zoo!

(Finally done, bedtime)

There is no spell check on Picnik, and I'm too lazy to fix it.  OK, I couldn't take it any more, I fixed it.

Owen 1st Grade
Saxon Math
BJU Press reading program - Level 1
Explode the Code - phonics
Handwriting Without Tears
First Language Lessons- Peace Hill Press
History/Science - Unit Studies and Homeschool Program at the zoo!
Lot's of outside time and Lego building
(Slow to start, but finishes strong before lunch)

My work space

My work space and Ben's corner, still a WIP.

*Also will add in read alouds, right now we are working on "The Tale of Despereaux" lot's of fun to read out loud!

*BTW, in case you are wondering, I'll be keeping Marney's schedule.  She is her Mother's daughter after all.   Our whining begins Tuesday, don't you wish you were here?


  1. Very cute post! The room looks awesome, I love the red chairs - IKEA comes through again! Your only missing Leah to do some "rearranging" to make sure it is suitable for Ben of course. BTW, I can never spell calendar either, family trait?

  2. Thanks Jen! Sorry I completely flaked about the Monday kid swap!

    Yes, we will have to give the room the Leah test before Ben comes home, and I have just accepted there are words I will never be able to spell independently.