Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What if Mother Theresa had Listened to her Mother?

From a special edition of TIME magazine "Mother Theresa at 100:  The Life and Works of a Modern Saint"

By 18, after going on several long, thoughtful retreats at Cernagore, she had decided on a more personal investment. "I want to become a missionary," she wrote later.  "I want to go out and give the life of Christ to the people."  When she first expressed that intention to Drana, her mother forbade it, then took to her room for 24 hours before emerging to give her consent.  The Jesuits (who are men) put Gonxha in touch with the Sisters of the Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary-the Loreto Sisters for short-who were active in Bengal and who accepted her.  In October 1928 a weeping Drana, accompanied by Gonxhaa's older sister, Aga, saw their "flower bud" onto a train leaving macedonia.

"We are called into a life of adventure. It is in our heritage and our call. Jesus uses adventure to confront who we are and make us who we are to be. Adventure may not come in a form you expect or at a time you anticipate. God's adventures are personal, purposeful, and productive. So come, step out into adventure this season. Experience life as He intended - a God-centered adventure."

- Wanda Ventling and Allen Edeker, Life Beautiful magazine Summer 2010

God has plans for our lives.  We may not always understand them, or even like them.  They are bigger than us.