Monday, August 2, 2010

My heart goes out to this family...

They waited for 2.5 years to bring their son home.  He fell ill, and passed away while they were in country, finally completing his adoption.  In all their wildest dreams, I'm sure they never thought they would bring him home in a casket.

I wish they could have had a happy ending.   Fortunately, stories like this one, are far more common.  I love the last line,


The paperwork we have been waiting for arrived last week and revealed that our Ben was hospitalized last month with bilateral pneumonia.  He is OK now, but I feel helpless, and an even stronger sense of urgency to get him home.  This is the second time he has been hospitalized since we committed to him.   Please pray for his health.  We can't wait to get him home and see how he blossoms with the love of a family.

In seemingly unrelated news...

Today I heard from a friend about two local, Christian, OB/GY doctors sacrificing a life of comfort here in America to make a difference in Africa.  They are married, have two young children (homeschooled!),  and are leaving their successful practice here, to spread their knowledge of medicine and love of Christ.

For those who think the medical community is full of heathens,  I wanted to share a positive story.  They are maybe not as much fun to talk about as the negative ones, but much more inspiring.

Let's hope that the Hauflers' tragedy will shed some light on the plight of the most vulnerable, children with special needs in orphanages around the world.  I'm sure the love that this family showed, to a child they could have easily ignored, will make an impact on someone who can make a difference in their lives, as stories from Africa inspired two American doctors.


  1. Oh, that is so heartbreaking. I heard about this family and my heart goes out to them.

    Is that your little Ben in the picture below?:) When will you be bringing him home? I'm so excited for you....and admire your patience and determination during this adoption process.

  2. Hi Amy, Yes, that's our Ben! I can finally post pictures. :) Our I-800 was submitted yesterday, so we should be traveling for our first trip in October.