Sunday, November 14, 2010

Meeting Ben

Jim captured the first time we met Ben on video...


  1. Beautiful! You can sure tell he was loved!

  2. I love this! Thanks for sharing it. It made me go and grab Stan's video and watch it again:)

  3. Oh Jill! I am smiling through the tears! So many things went through my mind as I watched this beautiful video. First and foremost, Ben just looked like he belonged to you. It just looked right, and natural, and destined and written by God for you to be his Mommy and for him to be your little boy, your son.

    I also flashed back and imagined all the conversations you and Jim must have had that led you to this place in your journey, the first thought about adoption, the more serious discussions, the stir in your hearts, the decision to move forward, the fear and excitement and worry and doubt and assurance that must have all intertwined through each step of your journey...all the conversations that took place between you and God that affirmed and led you to this little boy.

    I imagined how you must have been holding back a little in front of the sisters and how your heart was probably screaming to sing "Oh Ben, Mommy loves you so much!!!!" and the hugs and kisses could have lasted for hours.

    I imagine the emotional journey and preparation of heart, mind, and soul that has taken place and the unspeakable joy you must have felt when first meeting and holding your son.

    I can't believe he's yours, that your home and that in many ways your journey is just beginning. It has been such a blessing to share in this journey (via blog and prayer!)

    I love you and your family. Bless you! You are an inspiration!