Saturday, November 6, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Here are a few pics of our homecoming.  Never before have I been so glad to see our family and be home.

We missed these kids so much.  Madeline gave us the hugest hugs ever, she was a sight for sore eyes.  Man, have we missed that girl. 

I love this girl in purple.

OMGoodness how I missed my little man.

He said, "Mom I missed you so much, I even forgot how your hair smelled."

Then, "you know I'm sleeping in your bed tonight, right?"  Yes, I certainly had planned on that.

He looked so grown up, wearing jeans and everything.

Tell me, how can I keep them little?

Leah and Ben meet at last.  I so cannot wait to see the relationship that forms between these two little souls.

Ben was a trooper.  23 hours of travel, 3 different planes, and he still managed to smile through most of it.

He didn't mind his first car seat ride too much.  Once he settled in, he jabbered all the way home from the airport.   The other kids laughed in all the appropriate places.  He just ate up their attention, and appreciation for his witty humor.  I think he's going to like it here.

He crashed shortly after getting home, and slept all night.  There will be much exploring today.   


We came home to an extremely clean home ( my Mom worked her magic, I don't know what she does it, but I can never get my house to feel this clean.), a meal in the fridge, all the kids laundry caught up and put away, gifts, and a "Welcome home Ben" cake made by our very own Cake Boss.   

Oh, and a few home projects complete, Thanks Dad!  The stairs looks great!

Thank you to our wonderful family, we are grateful, and feel very loved.


  1. Lump in my throat...tears in my eyes...lots of aaahs from my kids. Love the pics. Thanks for sharing them so quickly. You are a strong person...that or on severe jet lag!

  2. Welcome Home!!:) God is Good!

  3. So happy you are all home! Give us a call when you are settled and ready for visitors! We are chomping at the bit to see you all!

    Love, The Tuckermans

  4. Congratulations on your new son. He is beautiful and lucky, you all are!!!

  5. Congratulations. Enjoy this time getting settled into home and family and life as you know it! SO happy for you all! Praise the Lord for His goodness and provision.

  6. Stopping by from Jen's. Congrats on your homecoming with Ben...what a special time of year with all the holidays coming to have him home with you!