Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ben update

Ben continues to do well.  It is a joy having him in our family.

He started treatment for his low thyroid function, and had his cardiology appointment last week.  His appointment went well, but they need to repeat his echo.  He was a little too wiggly for the technicians taste, so the next one he will be sedated for.  :)  I don't anticipate any problems.  They just want to be 100% sure they can clear him of any issues.

Last night I decided to let Ben try and feed himself.  I'm not one for messes, so this was a stretch for me. Ben enjoyed it immensely as you will see.

Oh, the concentration....

....the focus...

...the joy in his success!  

Making sure to get every last bite.  This boy loves his food.

The end result.  An oatmeal facial.

Next time, I'll remember the bib!

I don't know how he does it, but this boy makes us belly laugh on a daily basis.

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