Wednesday, January 6, 2010

running log day 3...slight setback

Sunday, 40 minutes on the treadmill.

Monday and Tuesday were days off, Marney and Owen are not feeling well.

This is the first time since early fall 2008 anyone has been sick around here. Isn't that amazing? Over a year of excellent health. After years of Owen's reflux/aspiration/respiratory issues, it sure is nice to have 3 healthy kids. Believe me I am counting my blessing here at home, but desperately wanting to get Joseph the medical attention he needs. It sounds like he is in fact having reflux issues, and I remember vividly how miserable Owen was. It is so frustrating knowing that one little pill a day could make all the difference for him, but he is not getting it. He looks happy and healthy in the pics and video we receive monthly, but I wonder how he is sleeping and if there is anyone to comfort him if he wakes up in pain.

I'm pretty sure I will drive myself crazy with this kind of thinking. I love and look forward to our monthly updates, but it would almost be easier not to know certain things.

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