Thursday, January 28, 2010

Our Marney Girl, AKA, "Laura Ingalls"

I love this girl...

(The terrific 2's)

She is a free spirit, strong willed, and smart. Not always an easy combination to parent, but never boring. She has given us a run for our money on more than one occasion, and also given us some of our funniest family memories.

(The ever present blanket)

She is kind and caring. Always willing to look out for the little ones. She carries them everywhere. I know she will be Joseph's best friend, and fiercest protector.

She climbs trees better than any boy I've seen, and prefers to be barefoot. She remembers everything she hears, verbatim, and is happy to remind you what you said 2 days ago, just in case you forgot.

(Our sweet girl)

Marney is about to turn 9. We look forward to celebrating her birthday. Madeline is making her cake, and we are having a small gathering of family at our house.

Her latest obsession is anything having to do with "Little House on the Prairie." Marney has read and/or listened to every book in the "Little House" series, and wants to learn to play the fiddle like Pa. She has been wearing her "Laura" dress around for weeks, yes, even in public. Hopefully this phase will pass, but if she goes off to college and is recruited by the Branch Davidian, we cannot say we had no warning.

She is asking for a new "Laura" dress and apron, a Charlotte doll, and books about Laura's life for her birthday.

Today on our visit to the library we found the DVD's of the television series, and drug them home. The girls are very excited to watch them. (and to finally get a little TV time).

I would love to be able to see the picture of the Ingalls family that Marney has conjured up in her imagination after all the reading/listening she has done. I hoped that seeing the characters on TV did not ruin this for her, as it often can.

Commentary so far...

"That doesn't look anything like Laura. Look at her teeth! Laura had straight teeth." Ummmm, probably not, but I won't burst her bubble.

"She didn't really like Johnny Johnson, the real Laura wouldn't be so interested in boys."

...I really, really love this girl.


  1. She definitely will be protective of Joseph, more than one person might end up with a black eye after a run in with her!! I know how she feels - we get that from mom! It is a good thing :) BTW, I can't listen to that song on your blog by Loretta Lynn - it makes me think of Grandpa & Grandma E and makes me cry....We look forward to celebrating Marney's birthday!

  2. Sorry Jen! I added some new songs for you!

  3. What a great girl!! I remember being in love with L.I. Wilder and my Little house days!! Loved the books! I hope she has a wonderful Birthday! I do also have to say I read your sister's blog and didn't realize she was a dunlap....We knew them through St.Andrews and I think my Dad still goes to retreat with the Dunlap guys, very nice family! What a story on her blog, our family will now be praying for little ones to be adopted, you and your sister's families are both in our thoughts and prayers!!

    -Trisha Flores-Langkos

  4. Thanks Trisha. You are in my thoughts as well. I just recently saw that you are expecting twins! How exciting! I hope everything goes smoothly with the delivery, and I can't wait to see pictures of the babies. :)