Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Could Maddy Curtis be the next American Idol?

I am so excited to see that Maddy Curtis made it through to hollywood!

I've been following her mother's blog, mommylife, for probably a year and a half now. Barbara Curtis is the mother of 12 children, 9 bio, 3 by adoption. 4 of her children have Ds. After her son Johnny was born with Ds, they went on to Adopt 3 boys with DS. Maddy and Johnny are very close in age, and grew up pretty much as twins.

Barbara blogs about conservative politics, has authored several books about parenting the Montessouri way, and is a huge advocate for people with Ds. I e-mailed her shortly after we committed to Joseph, and she sent a nice response and asked me to send pictures when we get him home.

Barbara commented over the summer that they had driven to Boston so Maddy could tryout, but was unable to say any more than that. Those of us who follow her blog have been dying to hear how things turned out. The Mommylife blog is now mysteriously "under construction," are they in Hollywood already? I don't know, but I am so excited to follow Maddy's journey. I've never voted before in all the years we have enjoyed the show, but I will be voting for Maddy!


  1. I loved Maddy! How cool that you have been following her Mom's blog. What a small world. I vote on American Idol, and I will be voting for her too! My heart was smiling and I was grinning ear to ear when I was watching the show last night and saw her brother(s) hugging her after her tryout...There is just something so warm and uplifting and innocent and beautiful in people with Down's. Almost like they point us to look at life with a set of eyes that appreciates and love and have joy to the fullest. Anticipating seeing Maddy in Hollywood...and especially anticipating the joy that little Joseph will soon bring to your family.

  2. Isn't it awesome?! They live here by me!