Friday, January 1, 2010

Dog poop on my shoe (running log, day 1)

Like most Americans, I awoke this morning full of motivation to start the new year off right, and get back into shape.

I used to run quite a bit (think college days, the first time, circa 1994) then life happened, as you can see from the previous post. I have managed to fit exercise in here and there at times, but have not been as consistent as I need to be. It was easier when I had the time and money to go to the gym, but I have neither of those luxuries now. So Jim and I have both made the commitment to fitting in time to run (outside, for free!) either together or take turns. He is motivated by the fact that he is starting back to Tae Kwon Do next week after many, many years away. I am motivate by the fact that as much as I have tried, I can not longer blame my dryer for shrinking my clothes.

Our first trip out Jim 2.5 miles - 26 min. Me 2.5 miles - 30 min. (eek!)

Despite a slight case of exercise/cold air induced asthma and dog poop on my shoe (I managed to find the only fresh pile for miles). I feel pretty good. Gotta love the great outdoors!

Also, I must apologize to the nice folks in downtown trying to enjoy their lunch. Hope my huffing, puffing, snot nosed (and possibly some drool at that point) self did not ruin your appetite as I "ran" by.

P.S. Shovel your sidewalks people!!! Not everyone in Michigan hibernates, and I can't afford a broken ankle.


  1. Wat to go Jill! You are far braver than I! I am way too big of a baby to run in this weather.

  2. Michigan has made you soft Sarah!

  3. Good for you Jill! And there should be no "eek" about your time for 2.5 miles outdoors in this frigid frigid weather! I wouldn't dare brave an outdoor run...props to you! That's awesome! Keep it up. I like to run too...but I am a slow jogger and I find I enjoy it most when I go at a slow pace.

    To respond to your comment on my blog, we have been members at Lifetime Fitness Gym since Brooke was a baby. I try to go there 3-4 times a week (but you know how that goes with having kids and busy schedules, etc.) For the most part, I have been consistent for almost 5 years now. I do cardio on my own throughout the week, but also take 1 or 2 classes per week (strength/endurance training...using weights, etc...This made such a difference in my body and in toning up. Although, I have a long way to go to get back to my shape/condition/strength that I was before having the baby). I need an instructor to motivate me...and I have to work out in the morning or else I lose my motivation as the day goes on.

    I have trouble working out at home on my own. This gym has been our "luxury" and I would get rid of cable and any other extras before getting rid of our membership. It works for me and it took me years to find the right environment and balance to stay consistent and not get burned out with exercise. I do love it. But I think it takes tweaking and finding the right activities that'll work for you and your lifestyle.

    Also, before I got pregnant with Brooke I joined Weight watchers and have been able to lose and keep off the extra pounds. I am a lifetime WW member now and still go back on their "plan" anytime I need to drop a few. I think it is the best "diet/lifestyle" out there. It's allowed me to maintain my weight for years. I gained about 5 pounds since Thanksgiving, so I am back now to counting points and being mindful of what goes in my mouth.

    Thanks for your compliments. You are too sweet. I think you look fantastic already. Really, you've always been a beautiful person. Keep us posted on your running/exercise plan. It'll be much better come spring and outdoor runs will be a lot more tolerable and enjoyable!

    (sorry to write a book!)