Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A little bit about why we homeschool

It must be all this planning for the next school year, because I keep thinking about what finally made us decide that homeschooling was the right choice for us. The more I educated myself about homeschooling, the more convinced I was that it could work. It was a certain article from the Michigan Department of Education very similar to this one, that finally sealed the deal.

Quotes like this one here, gave me a hmm moment, "The most effective forms of parent involvement are those, which engage parents in working directly with their children on learning activities at home."3

The article goes on to outline the type of involvement that has been proven to work best, 6 items to be specific.

1. Establish a daily family routine.
2. Monitor out-of-school activities.
3. Model the value of learning, self-discipline, and hard work.
4. Express high but realistic expectations for achievement.
5. Encourage children's development/ progress in school.
6. Encourage reading, writing, and discussions among family members.

Sure sounds like a responsible homeschool family to me!

I just found it very difficult to be as involved in my child education as I should be in the public school setting.

The bottom line was that homeschooling has allowed us to be hands on involved with our kids education and has been a much more efficient use of our time. We are all happier, the kids are thriving, and not once this year have I discovered at 8:15am (bus arrives at 8:30) that they actually did have homework!

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