Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Homestudy Headache

We started the homestudy process on March 5, 2008. Here we are 3 months later, and it is still not complete! Part of it is our fault, we started out thinking we wanted to do a domestic adoption, but when we found out it was very unlikely to work out for us this way, we switched to international. We are on a waiting list through the Down Syndrome Association of Greater Cincinnati for an infant, along with about 150 other families! Which I think is so amazing, that there are so many families waiting for one of these angels! That also means that the chances of us being chosen are slim. So, we decided not to sit here and wait, when there are children in other countries waiting for a family. The homestudy is apparently quite different for international adoptions, especially for a Hague accredited country like Armenia. Our education requirements and paperwork load increased quite a bit. Who ever said adoption is not for the faint of heart was right!

We are hoping to get our rough draft in the next couple of days, my goal is to have our I-800 in Saturday mornings mail. A copy of the homestudy must accompany this form that gets sent to US immigration.

I am trying to remind myself that we are on Gods time here, and we can only do what we can on our end, the rest is out of our hands. There must be a good reason for these delays that I just can't see right now. But, I also can't help thinking about the little guy waiting for us.

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