Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Vistors and a field Trip

Jim's parents and sister returned our girls!  We were so glad to see them all.   They spent a few days with us and are on their way home today.  While they were here, we did some shopping, played lot's of American Trivia, and took a trip to the local children's museum...  

She's not afraid of this tornado.

Ben banged out a few tunes.

53 inches!  He's getting so tall!

Scouting out some potential photo locations.  The architecture of this old tobacco factory was really cool.

Presidential fitness test anyone?  This girl blew the averages away, must be all that swimming. 

Oops!  Trying to sneak behind the ropes!

Hermit crabs!

One last shot.

We have been lucky to have so much family time lately even though we are so far away.  Only 16 more days until we head to MI for Christmas!


  1. Oh! So glad you were able to see both sets of grandparents recently with another aunt to boot! Love the new family picture, Jill. Gorgeous!

  2. Your new blog layout looks really nice. Love your new photo!!