Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Cinnamon Ornaments

Owen and I had fun last week making these ornaments.  I did not use the oil, they are plenty fragrant without it.  They make the whole house smell wonderful.  Attempt number one failed because I learned the hard way that Owen is better with a rolling pin, and I forgot to put in the little hole at the top!

We finally got it right the second time around.

We are decorating them today using bells, buttons, wrapping paper and mod-podge.  I am hoping to use them as gift go-a-longs, so I won't show the finished product just yet.

We also decorated our gingerbread house.  This is something we normally get together and do with my sister and her family, so it was a little bitter sweet this year to be doing it alone.  

It turned out cute.  Notice all the missing candy?  Even after reminding everyone that I bought it on clearance after Christmas last year, (not exactly fresh!) they could not resist trying a few bites.  

We are busy preparing for an early Christmas this year.  We are celebrating on Sunday the 18th here at home, and then heading back to Michigan to spend Christmas with our families there.

Also happening Sunday is First Communion for the 3 big kids.  Our new church celebrates an open table, it's not tied to Confirmation like I am used to.  They have been taking classes in preparation, and are excited to be able to fully participate in the Lord's Supper.  On Saturday after class, they will be making bread to use during service on Sunday.  I thought that was a neat touch.

We are having a relaxing, but productive week.  Hope you are too!


  1. you're so creative jill! i can't wait to see the finished product on these ornaments. please post photos when it's time! we are doing gingerbread houses on christmas eve...i'm sure we will have sneaky munchers too (that's part of the fun!) enjoy your time there celebrating in your new home, and merry christmas to you all!

  2. The ornaments turned out great! What did you use for the little hole, a straw? We are planning to do our gingerbread houses next week. Have fun celebrating your early Christmas!