Friday, October 7, 2011

Corners of Our New Home

Other than having to spend many hours cleaning (bathrooms and kitchen, yuck!) a house that sat empty for almost a year, it was move in ready.

Fresh paint, wood blinds, and new carpet included.

In fact the paint color that the bank chose is almost exactly the same yellow as our previous home.  Making decorating a snap, and helping make it feel like home immediately.  The only thing we have invested in, are a few new rugs.  All the rest easily found a home

Dry bar turned therapy/craft closet.  Not crazy about all the glass, I could organize better with something different, but it's fine for now.  I'll have fun cruising pinterest for ideas. 

Front entrance.

Of course every homeschool family proudly displays their bazillion books!  Don't they?

Little nook leading the Master.  Our wedding sampler made by my Mom found a pretty little home here.  I smile every time I walk by. 

Great Room

More books!

The kitchen...I'd show you more, but it's a mess!  Same goes for the upstairs.  I'll have to save that for another day, when it's clean.   In 2020, perhaps.

We are dealing with water that has a very high iron content.  I don't really want a water softener, thinking more along the lines of a whole house water filtration system/iron removal thingamajigy.  Any thoughts?  Need to do something soon before all our rust stains have rust stains!  


  1. Beautiful home Jill! Looks like you guys will be very happy there. The color made it meant to be! I agree on not using a water softener to filter the iron, most people I know who've tried that, didn't have satisfactory results. I did a google search, and came across this website. Looks like they sell a good product.

  2. It does look familiar! Can't wait to see it in person. Sometimes I hear Sean Hannity talking about some sort of hard water system. I would go to his site and see if it might work for you.

  3. Oh Jill, it looks so homey and inviting!!! Had to laugh at the wet see those a lot in the south. Those southern baptists may like to drink more than you think (wink)!

  4. I was wondering about that Patty!!! I though we were going to have to hide all our booze when company comes, too funny!

  5. Beautiful! So happy you guys are settling in. Hope we can figure out time to come down soon!

  6. We would love for you guys to come, Sarah! The sooner, the better!