Thursday, October 13, 2011

All Things Peanut

Part of the fun of moving to a new location, especially a different region of the country,  is trying to identify just what is in all those fields.  My Dad trained me well, on corn and soybeans, but moving here has stumped me a little bit.  The cotton was easy, tobacco too.  But the difference between peanuts and sweet potatoes?  A little more challenging.  It wasn't until to peanut fields were turned over, were our guesses confirmed.

Do other people spend this much time discussing fields?  I've even been known to chase down a tractor or two, just to see where they are headed!

Some fun peanut farming videos.  Lots of tractor action!

So interesting.  Now we understand the symbiotic relationship between peanuts and cotton, never would have guessed that!

George Washington Carver activities

Peanut Butter Bird Feeder

Yummy and cute Peanut Butter Buttons


  1. Oh, good point! We worked on trying to figure out what was in some of the fields around us as well when we moved south. Our country is so rich and blessed!

  2. I meant to say, rich in agriculture.

  3. Jill- I have been enjoying your recent posts and have been meaning to take the time to get on a real computer (via iphone) to leave you comments. Your last post was beautiful. Probably my favorite post you've ever written. Such a life-giving and insightful perspective you share. It's too easy to get caught up in the things of this world that truly don't matter...your post and your example is a breath of fresh air and a shot of truth! I thank you for that.

    Your new home is gorgeous! You have a knack for decorating too (I always remember that creative side of you). You are a wonderful mother and wife and I love seeing you pour out your love and your self on your family. What a beautiful family you have. You and Jim should be proud. You are raising four remarkable children. It sounds like you are all adapting and settling into this new adventure.

    So glad to stay connected through your posts and updates. God bless you guys! You North Carolina folk!