Sunday, August 7, 2011

Yes, It's True....

....we're moving :(

Jim has accepted a position in North Carolina.  He is beaming from ear to ear, so excited about this job!  

While this is a wonderful opportunity for our family, the thought of moving away again is not so thrilling.  

Homesickness brought us back once before, will it happen again?  

Time will tell.

We are hopefully a little more prepared this time.  We know it will be hard, we know once the excitement wears off, the homesick feelings will set in.  We know we need to give it a little more time than we did in the past.

We need to have a plan.  We are going to sit down and map out the coming year, when do we get come back for visits?   When are visitors coming to see us?  I want to have on the calendar so we all have things to look forward to.

We are more "connected" this time.  Between e-mail, this blog, texting, phone calls, and Skype, staying in contact with family will be easier than ever.  Will it help?  I hope so.

So, we are rallying the troops, asking for your support and prayers as we embark on this misadventure.  Also asking for prayers for our family members not taking the news so well.   

Know any great Carolinas' homeschool blogs?  Please send them my way.

Top reasons we already like North Carolina (Thanks to my friend Sarah for pointing some of these out):

1.  Average snow fall 7.5 inches (we've already had 1 request for our shovels-gladly taking bids)

2.  College is cheaper for higher ranked schools, awesome!

3. Lower cost of living, yay!

4.  Boiled peanuts?  We'll see about this one.

5. Mountains one day, Ocean the next.

6.  Tax free weekends.  Cool!

7. Duke University Down Syndrome Clinic

8.  I get to be home full time with my kids, priceless.

Hopefully the list will continue to grow.


  1. First, congratulations on the new job for your dear husband. Even though you are now replacing that pressure with more, to have a job in this economy is so so important!

    The move is exciting. We were very excited for our adventure four years ago.

    You know it will be rough. The missing and longing for family never really goes away, you just have to learn to handle it and being prepared for it helps so much.

    A friend of mine who was relocated quite often due to her husband's job told me that it would take at least six months before you start really meeting and making friends...good friends. She was right.

    I think it is harder for homeschooling families because you (mom) have to work really hard to help your children make new friends. At the same time, you are mourning the loss of closeness to your friends and family back home.

    I almost gave up homeschooling that year. But I was determine to stick it out and once we made it through the summer, we were all set once more for yet another year of homeschooling.

    Patience is truly a virtue and you will be tested. But God willing, it will all work out for you and your family.

    BTW, you will NOT miss the constant cold and yucky weather. Even though we've had over 8 weeks of scorching heat down here this summer, I'd still take it over the ice and snow. I love the constant blue skies!

    At any rate, blessings to you and your family on this new chapter in your life. It will work out. Be patient and trust in God!

  2. Thank you Patty, your words of wisdom are comforting.

  3. Tracy is a homeschooler in NC

  4. I will miss you so much Jill! In the short time I've known you, I feel like you've really become a great friend! I'm very happy for you and your family though, you'll have a wonderful life in North Carolina!

  5. Thank Jen.

    Emily-I feel the same way about you, I will miss you and the rest of the crew tons! Keep posting those cute Shelly funnies on FB so I don't miss her cuteness :)

  6. I will be praying for you Jill and the rest of your family. You have such a beautiful family and your new community will be blessed to have you! Keep blogging my friend!