Thursday, August 18, 2011

House Hunters, NC style

We arrived in North Carolina on Monday, the girls came along on this trip.

Just give them a pool, and they are happy!

We looked at houses all day Tuesday and Wednesday.  It was fun and overwhelming, so many things to think about.  Just like house hunters it came down to 3 houses.

The super cute (love, love, love, the vertical siding!) 1.5 story home.  This house is so cute inside, has a nice kitchen, screened in back porch and nice yard.  Also, has a huge home school space upstairs.  It's the most expensive of the 3 and the farthest away from work for Jim.  But, by far, the girls and my favorite!

This one is a more traditional 2 story.  It was moving day for this family, and they were very gracious to let us tromp through on such a busy day.  This house is the smallest (even though it looks like the biggest!  The 1.5 story homes are deceiving from the front) and didn't have a great homeschool space.   It did however, have a huge yard that was totally fenced in.  A great plus for Ben.   This house is also in my favorite neighborhood.

And finally, number 3.  It's the biggest and least expensive of the 3, it's actually a foreclosure, and could be a great bargain.  It's very nice inside, fresh paint and new carpet.  It has a great kitchen (size-wise), and a huge pantry, also a screened in porch in back and a nice patio.  It's on a big lot (no fence) in a smaller country sub.  Upstairs is a great homeschool space and a big rec room for the kids.  Did I mention none of the houses here have basements?  

So which one did we choose?  Stay tuned and feel free to offer your opinion!


  1. Take the no basement into consideration unless you want to drop extra money (sometimes lots of it) on dry storage. Trust me, they can rake southern folks over the coals on dry storage.

    You may want to be prepared to have a very fast sale on anything extra you have in your current home or plan on selling after you get there and settled.

    We had a big sale prior to moving and then sold a lot of stuff on Craig's list after we got there.

    Don't put anything perishable in your attack storage. The heat up there (even with radiant shields) is pretty intense in the summer months.)

    It all works out though. You just realize how much you can do without. You just sometimes organize and then reorganize until everything is were it is suppose to be :)

    How long do foreclosures take? I know there are many hidden snags along the way so be careful if you are needing to be down there by a certain time.

    They are all beautiful. Love the landscaping for all of them!

  2. I like them all. I like the looks of #2 with the landscaping. However, being a homeschool family, it's important to find one that will accommodate your needs inside. I look forward to seeing which one you choose. They are all beautiful!

  3. Oh Jill! I am so excited for you guys! You MUST keep up with your blog so we stay connected. Isn't it funny how God can stretch our faith through life's transitions or trials and it better prepares us for what's ahead? You have such a strong family unit, I am certain you guys are going to cling together beautifully and tackle this next transition just fine. I LOVE all of the homes, but after seeing pics and reading descriptions, my vote is with house #3!

  4. Congratulations and good luck with the move!!! My vote is #3!!! ;-)