Friday, October 8, 2010

Wrapping Up Our Week

Since I finally have the pictures off the camera, I'll start our week, with the weekend.

We had lot's of fun with our little visitors on Saturday night.  

I had a new assistant in the kitchen Sunday morning.

Hey, anyone who brings their own electric skillet over, can hang at our house any time.

We then headed over to a local farm for a fall festival.

Everyone painted a pumpkin, visited the animals, and then took a hay ride.

It was a fun 24 hours!

The rest of our week was a whirl-wind of activity.   The anticipation of getting a court date, had us scrambling around getting everything ready.

Between all the chaos inside, and the gorgeous weather we've been having, school was kept to a minimum again this week.

Everyone spent good quality time on the 3 R's.  The girls each turned in 3 very nice, well developed paragraphs.  This skill is getting easier for them.

I've also noticed that the girls are able to tolerate a few more distractions while doing their math.  This was an issue at the beginning of school, any small noise broke their concentration, and lead to frustration.  Now that they are back into the swing of things, their focus is improving.  Good thing, I anticipate there may possibly be a few more distractions in the near future around our house!

On that note, I'm off to get laundry caught up, pack up the kids, plan lessons for the next few weeks, and try not to loose my mind in the process.

I'll leave you with a picture thought:

This girl brings new meaning to the word FEARLESS.

Lord, help me.


  1. Jacob couldn't get the griddle over to your house fast enough! Thanks again for having the kids.

    Yikes! That's a tall tree :)

  2. You are such a sweet sister for watching all the kids. I so wish I lived closer to at least one of my sibs.

    The outings looked fun by the way and I'm glad you got to try out that electric griddle!

    The tree climber?! Oh my! My hands would have been totally sweaty watching...eek!

  3. I could hardly look at her in that tree, Jim took the pics!

    She definitely won't be doing that any more!