Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Day 6 in Armenia

Today was rather uneventful.  We were able to visit Ben this morning for a short time.  A virus running through the orphanage is placing extra demands on the sisters and staff, so we decided to give them a break from entertaining us this afternoon.  Ben has a cold and his reflux is flaring up.  Although the sisters say he is much better than he was last winter,  I am anxious to get him home and evaluated by our pediatrician. He is spitting up quite a bit after every meal.  Should make for a fun plane trip home!

{When he is not spitting up, he is a happy boy!}

Our lawyer submitted the application for Ben's new birth certificate and the adoption certificate on our behalf today.  Tomorrow will be spent applying for Ben's passport.  The team here has been wonderful.  We feel very well taken care of.  Our translators have been fun and endlessly patient with us.  

Thursday will be blood test day, and Friday will be the medical evaluation for our embassy appointment.  It's looking promising for us to head home on Saturday, October  30th.  That is if the strike in France does not continue. 

We are hoping Thursday will be the day we spring him from the orphanage forever.  I'm hoping that everyone involved remembers that it's in Ben's best interest to be with his new parents and begin the bonding process.  Personal agendas should be set aside.  While he has received "excellent" care here, there is never a substitution for a forever family.  


  1. Not being familiar with the process you are in, and reading that the court date has come and gone, I do wish that you were able to take him now. Praying hard, very hard!

    The pictures are fantastic!!!

    Hang in there!

  2. He is beautiful! We are so happy for you! I hope that you are able to spring him soon too! We know there is no better place than with his Mommy and Daddy! Can't wait to see you!


  3. He looks great! Praying for an Oct 30th flight home!!

  4. Oh my heart smiles widely as I read this post and see these photos! I haven't been online much lately and didn't realize you were already there to pick up Ben! I cried reading your last two posts and will be keeping you in my prayers and you work through all the details involved in bringing Ben home safely. He is so adorable! I'm very excited for you Jill!

  5. Thank you for all your prayers! We can feel the love from here!