Monday, October 18, 2010

We Made It!

We arrived Wednesday October 13th, and met Ben for the first time the next day.  

Our first meeting went well, he came to us right away.  He is a happy boy.

The sisters have been coaching him to say Daddy and Momma using the photo album we sent last Christmas,  I like to think he recognized us from that. 

(We do not have internet at our apartment yet, so updating here has been difficult.)

These pictures are from our first meeting.....

He likes to talk on the phone, ahloh?

He loves getting outside, we have been taking him to the park everyday.  He now knows us as the people who take him outside, so he is excited to see us when we arrive each day.

He is taking a few steps on his own, can stand (KAN-KE-NEE) from sitting unassisted, but it is still much faster to crawl!

Some Armenian phrases we are quickly learning,  TCHEE-KA-RE-LEE (Don't do it!  Stop!)

APRES (Good)

HA-DJOO (Bye-Bye)

ALEE (More)

AWDI (Come here)

We are still unsure which day we will take him out of the orphanage for good, I'm afraid we are in the middle of a power struggle amongst the sisters, so who knows.  We hope it will be by Friday, we are more than ready, but probably not a good idea to get on the Mother Superior's bad side.  They have been wonderful, and will be sad to see Ben go.

Court went well on Friday, he is officially ours!  

The rest of the week will be spent paper chasing, we will be updating again soon.


  1. This is good that he is getting to know you while you wait. Even though the wait may be long. Thanks for sharing the pictures!

  2. WOW....Sending BIG Congratulations and lots of prayers!! Can't wait till you are all home!