Monday, August 13, 2012

Homeschooling From a Closet

Technically, it's homeschooling from a bar, but I thought that title might get me in trouble with the law.

This closet has been evolving all summer, and I finally got some time this weekend to get in there and organize.  Really it was easy, now that it's purpose is more clear.

Our home came with a dry-bar in a closet under the main staircase.  It's located between the kitchen and the formal dinning room, which we are using for our school room this year.  I still hate all the glass and mirrors, but we are blessed to have all this space, so who am I to complain too loudly.

I used basket, magazine holders, and other organizational tools to control the clutter.  All of our new curriculum has not arrived yet, but it will all fit here.  Each child can just grab what they need, and then return it at the end of the day.  Safely away from very busy little brothers!

These pencil holders from Ikea work will to hold all those little supply items.  Love them!

Art supplies, and bigger items.

Mom's work space.

Next up is bringing the girls desks down from upstairs, and organizing the entry way closet to hold Ben's toys.

This is the fun part of homeschooling, I love organizing and getting new curriculum.  

Come February I may be turing that closet back into a bar!

We had a busy weekend around here!  Madeline's bathroom got painted, and a new exhaust fan was hung.  We have been having some moisture issues in there.  The crappy builder grade paint was melting off the walls, and we were starting to get a mold problem.  New paint and new fan to the rescue!  We are still trying really hard not to invest any money in this house, but that was one area we could not ignore.

Hope you are all well, and had a wonderful weekend. 


  1. Love it! You are so creative:)

  2. It looks great, Jill! Love those red misc. holders and how you have them hung. Isn't it amazing how creative we can get with our homeschool work areas? I was limited five years ago when I moved into this current house. I purchased shoe holders to hang behind the toy closet door to put supplies in. Math facts cards, rulers, etc. The toy closet is big enough to hold a wall of shelves for toys and a wall of shelves for school books. But that was it for "space". Creativity is the key!

  3. This spot looks great! You should link up with the Not Back to School Blog Hop. I hear on the bar come February. At least you guys have some sun and can get everyone outside!

  4. Nice! Everything looks so organized, and I love those red cups as well. How prefect for that space. I actually have a friend who schools her children "at the bar". The previous owner of the home had an elaborate bar set up- her girls just pull up a stool and get down to work! ;)

  5. What a great use of space. Have a wonderful year.
    Blessings, Dawn

  6. Love it! What a great idea!! So organized. Ahhhh..... Blessings for a great year!

  7. love it! you're always so organized and creative! happy homeschooling jill...ill have to look to you for some inspiration this year!

  8. This is brilliant. Our toddler loves to hang out in our coat closet. We're thinking of clearing it out and making it a homeschool nook for him. We're just beginning our homeschooling journey, so thanks for a fab idea!