Friday, September 9, 2011

Sew Fun

Madeline's love of sewing is growing.  She took some classes and did a week long sewing camp this summer.  Grandma was also a big help in the very beginning, by showing her the basics, and supporting her interest.  She recently received a big bag of fabric scraps from Grandma, which she covets.

Did you know that one of North Carolina's biggest exports is textiles?  Madeline was excited to learn this!

Madeline made this dress without a pattern.  She likes to be totally spontaneous and creative.  A dress form is on the top of her wish list.  She feels patterns are too structured and time consuming, and often don't turn out as promised anyway.  I try to encourage her to do some pattern work.  I will help build her skills and help her to understand better how garments come together.  Something I could never teach her!  Plus with her love of math, she could have a fabulous career some day as a pattern maker.  If the whole designer thing doesn't work out!

Pencil case from a youtube tutorial.  

Cute headbands for all the girls in the fam.

It's fun to see how excited she gets about sewing, and fun to see what she will come up with next.


  1. Wow! She has done an amazing job, Jill!! She should make her gifts for Christmas. I always admire women who can sew!

  2. Awsome Job Madeline!!!

    Love, Daddy

  3. Jill, I hardly have words...I am SO impressed! And good job as her mom, helping her channel her gifts and strengths into something like this. I see a future designer here. Watch out Vera Wang! She seriously needs an Etsy account!