Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Calm Surrender

"Often we struggle against aspects of life that are largely beyond our control - noise, confusion, comments we don'tapprove of, lost items, rudeness, imperfections, negativity, broken pipes, clogged drains, whatever. We fight, get angry, and annoyed, and wish things were different. We complain, fret, and commiserate.  Yet when you add up all this frustration, the end result is always the same. The things we are frustrated about remain as they are.  No amount of gritting our teeth and cleanching our fists makes the least bit of difference. In fact, it only adds fuel to the fire. 
Calm surrender is not about giving up. Nor is it about being apathetic, lazy or not caring. Instead it is about appropriate acceptance, being willing to to let go of our insistence that the events in our lives be any certain way or different than they actually are. 
If you are willing to give this strategy a try you will be amazed at the results. The calmer you will become, the easier your life will be.  Rather than exacerbating negative events and bringing out the worst in other people you'll begin to stop negativity before it has a chance to spiral any further.  In time you'll begin to experience chaos in a whole new light.  There will be so much less drama in your life. 
So starting today, see if you can ease the chaos by experiencing calm surrender."

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