Monday, April 18, 2011

How a Kindle Can Simplify Your Homeschool

Great article on the many benefits and cost savings of owning an e-reader here. Especially true if your curriculum is heavy on hard to find books.

I just noticed that the cost for a Kindle is now down to $114. Happy e-reading!


  1. If you already have an iPod touch (or an iPad) you can download the Kindle and Nook apps to your device for free. That is what I did--and now I can carry reading material in my purse via my iPod.


  2. I never thought about it that way. Excellent point, especially with the older kids! Now you have me thinking...and that's when hubby says, "uh-oh!"

    May you have a blessed Holy Week!

  3. Rachel-Don't you love that there are so many options? A tiny book in your purse, love it! I just got an iphone and haven't tried reading on it yet, thanks for the reminder! I read that there is less eye strain with the kindle, have you experienced any fatigue with the iphone?

    Patty-We just gave Madeline a kindle for her b-day. I was a little nervous it was going to be a waste of money, but it has turned my somewhat reluctant reader into a girl who has at least 2 books going at once, she loves it! I love that we can share books, and read them at the same time. I really want to get Marney one too so she can join in the fun! Also, it is saving us a ton of money in printer ink and paper from printing all those out of print books on our reading list. Can you tell I'm excited about it?