Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Deep thoughts...by Owen....

My morning conversation with Owen, we are snuggled on the couch with his hands and nose in my hair:

Me: "Good morning buddy, how did you sleep last night?"

O: "Good, except when I woke up."

Me:  "Why did you wake up?"

O:  "My bed is not comfortable."

Me:  "Is that why you came into Mommy and Daddy's bed?  You know Daddy wants you to stay in your own bed."

O:  "Yes, your bed is so big and comfortable, and I just love you so much.  When I'm big, you will buy me a new bed?"

Me:  "When you are big and have a job and move out, you can buy what ever bed you want."

O:  "But, I'm not moving out remember?  I'm going to stay here with you and Daddy forever."

Me:  "OK, will you have a job?"

O:  "No."

Me:  "What will you do all day?"

O:  "Well, I guess I'll do my chores, and the girls will be gone so I'll have to do their chores too.  I'll be in charge of the dishes, and the napkins, and the wiping, and stuff, is that OK, Mom?"

Me: "Sure, big guy, but why do you want to stay here?"

O:  "Because I would miss you and Daddy if I wasn't here, and you would miss me."

Me:  "That's true"

O:  "You won't forget, will you Mom?"

Me:  "Not a chance."


  1. I love it! It will be nice to have another family with a child living with them forever since that is Lucy's plan too!

  2. that is so precious. awwww...those little boys melt my heart. i wish they could live with us forever! (and never grow up!)