Thursday, November 12, 2009

Can you help?


I was wondering if you would post this on your blog........

I am helping to advocate for a 10 year old girl who desperately needs a forever family! She currently lives in St Vincent and The Grenadines in the caribbean. St Vincent and The Grenadines are beautiful islands to visit, but don't have much opportunity for the future of their young people. This little girl has lived with her birth mother until recently in a less than desirable situation. Please contact me at if you would like further information. Please feel free to pass this along if you know of someone who may be interested. More information is available. Note: I will be away from the computer on Friday, Nov 13th and I will get back to you asap on Saturday the 14th. God Bless!

A world that does not love or respect little ones, that does not defend those who are weakest in this life is a world of the dead...A world that rejects life, which does violence to the life of children, cannot even be called a world. Yet God call us specifically to love this world, to be carriers of hope and sparks of light and kindness that resurrect humanity. ~ Mother Elvira Petrozzi

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