Saturday, September 19, 2009

Goosebump moment....

Just this morning while I was getting ready for the day (it was unusually quiet around here, Jim took the kids to the U of M game-thanks to free tickets from neighbors, so I actually could hear myself think!) I was thinking about what I want to do after graduation. Where do I want to work? I just love the hospital in general, it feels like "home." I know with out a doubt that God wants me to be a nurse, and that He will work out all the logistics of me working part time and having plenty of time to care for my family.

I like where I am now, working with adults with respiratory or renal problems, but I really miss the Moms and babies I used to work with. I was thinking back about all the different classes I have taken throughout nursing school, and while I have truly loved them all (which is why this is a difficult decision) I think my maternal/newborn class stands out the most. It just always felt like the right fit.

I then went on to think about what I liked the most about that area of nursing. Do I enjoy taking care of the laboring Mom, the sick (NICU) baby, or the transition time between delivery and going home? Labor and delivery is fun and exciting, but a lot can go wrong, a little scary/intimidating for a new grad. The NICU would be really interesting, I know I would learn a great deal. It would be very rewarding teaching new parents about their new baby, and/or help them deal with a difficult diagnosis (Down syndrome, perhaps? ;)). Mother/baby is my home base, where I started in the hospital, I already know I love the crew working there. It would be an easier, less intimidating place to begin, but I'm not sure it would be challenging enough to keep me on my toes. Does God need my skills to be a foster Mom to medically unstable infants who need temporary care? I don't know, there is so much to think about, some clarity would be great.

So as I'm pondering all this, the phone rings. Boston, MA shows up on the caller ID. Oh great, a sales call. I really hate those calls, especially on a Saturday morning! Usually I just let them go to voice mail, but this time I answered. On the line is a lady from March of Dimes. She said "Hello, this is so and so from the March of Dimes, where we think every babies first cry should be celebrated." My first thought was "me too! I was just thinking the same thing!" Then I though, "uh oh, she wants something from me, I can't take on one more thing right now, and I have no money to contribute at this moment." Luckily she only asked me to send out a few envelopes in January, because at that moment I probably would have agreed to almost anything she asked!

Definitely a God moment. Still need some more clarity, but this is a good start! :)


  1. This is weird, but yesterday at Kohl's I was thinking the same thing. That God was training you as a nurse to foster/adopt special needs kids....There was an article in the Ann Arbor News not too long ago about families that foster medical fragile children for short amounts of time...

  2. Ok, now I really have goosebumps!