Thursday, September 17, 2009

Dossier en route

Our dossier was sent out by our agency on Tuesday. We are super excited/relieved, all the paper work is done. Now we wait, 5-6 weeks for our dossier to be translated and submitted to the Armenian Prime Minister, then another 3-4 month wait for him to grant us the first of 2 approvals. After our first approval, we will officially accept our referral (aka Ben). Once we accept our referral, we will be notified by phone of a registration date. This registration is the official matching of our documents with Ben's documents and takes place in his municipality.

We could at this time travel to meet him, have an independent medical evaluation, and be there to register him personally. We would love to be able to do this, but financially it is just not possible. Besides we already love him, and know that he is meant to be ours, nothing a doctor over there could tell us would make us change our mind. We already know what the medical field over there feels about children with disabilities. I'm sure one of them counseled Ben's birth mother to abandon him at the hospital, to walk away like nothing had happened.
After our files are officially matched they then need to be approved by various ministries which takes another 2-3 months. Once we have our final approval from the PM, we will be give 2-3 weeks notice to appear in Armenia in person for court. On this visit we will also be able to meet Ben. The trip will be a total of about 4 business days, not including travel.

We then return home for 30 days (we could stay in Armenia for the 30 day waiting period during which we would have custody of Ben, I would love to be able to do this, but probably not possible. 40-50 days would be a long time to be away from everyone here at home) and return for a 9-11 day stay. Finally, we would Bring Ben Home!

All this waiting puts us traveling in about March or April. Sounds like a lifetime away! I know it will go fast, we will stay busy.

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