Sunday, September 14, 2008

On a brighter note...

School is going very well, home school and nursing school are in full swing. Life has been busy around here, but overall things are running smoothly. The girls are liking the adjustments we made to our earlier curriculum choices. We love Simply Spelling! We also really enjoy Writing With Ease. The girls enjoy the literature selections used in the lessons and they are getting very good at narration. They are starting to listen critically and pick out the important information in a passage. Its very exciting to see! Latin is also going very well, I'm amazed at how quickly they are picking it up. Owen has been doing lots of montessori exercises, cutting with scissors, sorting colors (he is finally learning them! I was starting to think he was color blind!), patterns, water color painting, play dough, and listening to lots of stories. He also knows more about Egypt and the river Nile than I thought he would, just from listening to me read to the girls. It's amazing what they pick up when you think they are not listening. Jim did an experiment with the kids on Saturday, they talked about flight, and lift (I think), and made cool gliders out of straws and a pizza box. They used the scientific method to carry out an experiment on how far they would fly based on the size and shape of the wings. What fun!
Marney is enjoying swim club (I'll post some pics soon) she is in the pool 5 nights a week. She has been sleeping much better these days! Madeline is loving soccer and dance, she is on the go 3 evenings a week. Owen is playing soccer on Saturday morning. It's been busy but fun.
BTW, despite my teasing, I am very proud of my husband. He has really stepped up to the plate by taking control of our finances. I don't know very many men who would drive that car! Except maybe Bob (I hear he is jealous). There is nothing he would not do for his family. How lucky are we? He also has been amazing about this whole homeschooling thing. Again, I don't know many men who would jump, no leap, on board with teaching our own children. He has been supportive, encouraging and always willing to help. Did I mention that when I was stressed out about the kitchen not being painted before school started, that he surprised me and painted it while I was at work? How great is that? Wonderful husbands just do not get enough credit these days! Thank you Jim! We love you very much!

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  1. Wow! Thanks for sharing your blog. I so admire your choice to homeschool the kids.

    At times, I wish I had it on me to do it myself. It is very admirable Jill! You get all day with them- and can choose and monitor what they learn (learn some things yourself too, I am sure).

    It looks like you are doing a wonderful job. I look forward to hearing/reading more from you...I commend you! The world needs more moms like you (it also sounds like you have a great support staff at home :) equally nice to see!)