Sunday, September 14, 2008

Jim's new ride

This is a picture of Jim's "new" car. Step 1 of Jim's Living Within Our Means Plan: eliminating car payments. We paid $300 cash for this beauty. Hopefully this small investment will give us the big return we are hoping for. No car payments while I am in school and until Jim gets a much hoped for promotion. So far we have only had to put in another $150 in repairs. Sadly this car has caused much excitement in our home. Some of us are obviously way too easily impressed. Jim, Marney, Owen, and Grandpa Feldkamp are thrilled with this new addition to our driveway(you can see them all piled in going for a test drive in the picture above). Madeline and I are still undecided (although Madeline has been doing the math and decided that if this means her clothing budget increases from $0 to something, maybe its not so bad). I still think she will be riding on the floorboards through the neighborhood though. On the bright side, Jim finally found a hobby, he hasn't spent this much time in the garage since we met. Had I known it would only cost $450 to get him out of my hair, I would have wrote him a check a long time ago! Never a dull moment around here. Hang on, the cops just pulled in the driveway behind Jim and the gang....(No Joke)

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