Friday, November 11, 2011

Our Explosive Week

This week we took a break from the book work, and explored this amazing globe we call home.  It's been a while since we did a unit study, and some real hands on learning.  Owen has been a little bored with his current routine, so I thought we should spice things up with something a little more exciting.  We used this:

We really enjoyed our week.  Our days were full.  We cleaned out the library on everything volcano related and had lot's activities to choose from in this down load and go packet.

To wrap up our week, the kids woke up to Volcano pancakes.  We opted for the syrup, vanilla, and cinnamon vs. cheese option, yum!

The fun continued after Jim got home, with a volcano model.

Owen had been waiting for this all week!

Our dinner menu consisted of:

something spicy seemed appropriate.


Volcano cake for dessert!  We rarely have dessert, so this was a real treat.

In honor of Marney's announcement that she wants to be an oceanographer (I'm sure this has something to do with her current obsession with mermaids and the fact that she is spending roughly half her life in the pool with her swim team these days) our next unit study will be "Oceans."  Owen suggested a huge wave cake at the end on that week, yikes!  What have I started?  

We have a busy weekend planned.  The fall foliage is in full bloom and the weather has been beautiful.  Perfect setting for a family photo, I think!  First one in forever, I can't wait.  Also scheduled is acolyte training at church for the girls, quite a long "honey-do" list for Jim, and some fun preparations for some very special guests coming in just over a week.   A productive and fun weekend ahead, hope yours is wonderful too!

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  1. Great week of Volcanoes! The Down Load N Go's are packed with good stuff. The cake turned out great :)