Tuesday, December 7, 2010

a "dirty Jobs" kind of day

The kids have really been into watching "Dirty Jobs" lately.  I admit to getting sucked in occasionally.  Thank you Netflix for wii.  I'm thinking of contacting the show.  (Not really, just one of my many crazy thoughts you are being subjected to).  Has Mike ever been a Mom for a day?   I know he's been a pig farmer, a pigeon pooper scooper, and even a high rise widow washer.  But somehow I don't think those compare to what the average Mom sees in a day.   I'd love to see him cleaning up spit up, wiping the runny nose of a reluctant victim, cleaning up after a messy pureed toddler meal, and changing a very p**py diaper on a little one with very busy hands, if you catch my drift, and all in the same 30 minute time period.  Oh, and with at least 2 other children yelling for his attention all the while.  Many Mom's I know have way more than that to contend with!

{Yes, he's very cute and smart.  It's a talent to be so messy and make us laugh at the same time!}

So, ladies, what is your messiest story?  Come on, I need some amo for promoting the show idea!  Let them see that we have the best, dirtiest job ever!


  1. I have to say...projectile vomit on the carpet always makes me want to run away. LOL Not today or recently for that matter. Great. Now I've probably just jinxed myself!

    I just thought of Stan trying to "clean" himself after going poop on the pot...and then needs a good hose down in the tub...LOL

  2. All of my dirtiest jobs involve bodily functions, and unfortunately for you, you have probably heard about them all in great detail!!!

    I still think they should do a cooking show with a real mom making dinner, in a real kitchen, with real kids at a real dinner time!

  3. Patty, I totally agree about the vomit! Jim and I made a deal long ago, he gets to vomit, and I handle the poo.
    I'll keep my fingers crossed that you guys bypass that lovely season this year!

    The Stan comment made me giggle. I think we may have that to look forward to at our house. :)

    Jen- great idea about the cooking show. I'll send the camera crew to your house! I would ruin my "calm, patient" reputation with that one.