Friday, February 26, 2010

This Sounds Familiar...

...eerily similar (hover over similar to find the link)to our days at home.  Particularly the parts about 8:00 wake up calls, and highbrow, sophisticated dinner conversation.  It's always nice to learn that I am not alone in my psychosis.

I am quickly making my way through the archives of Pioneer Women.  She is hilarious!  My cheeks hurt from laughing so much.

She makes me want to pick up and move to the prairie....

Jim would make a good cowboy, he looks good in jeans.

The kids and I have studied the Little House series.

I can ride a horse.

I've shoveled manure, and put up hay with the best of them.

And, I love Louise L'Amour.

How hard could it be?

Who am I kidding, we are way too lazy to run a ranch.  I will just have to continue to read Ree's blog, and live in my fantasy world.

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  1. I love her,,,,,,I frequent her blog.....made a lot of her stuff....she is FANTASTIC and so down to earth!! ;) Hope you are doing well!!